Tuesday, June 5, 2012

chapter 1

salam starting today i need to write in my blog here in english. i think this is the best way to practice my writing and also speaking. today is the worst ever in my life. i had never feel this felling before this. whats going today is make me wake up that i need strugle and learn my english very well. before this, i just take it easy and dont want study my english very well. for me can speak broken english and mix with malay is already enough. but im totaly wrong. to be success in life we need to fluent in eglish al so. what happen today was awarness to me that i need to become someone , and i must! i can! i need! to believe to my self thats nothing cross beam to our future while we keep trying to be success!! word 'NEVER GIVE UP' and keep trying until the end must be my spirit to me become a successful girl . nabilah boleh!! no one will change you but you need to change your self!!!! beleive it..

Thursday, May 17, 2012


Salam.. kembali untuk menulis blog balik. hopefully semangat untuk tulis blog tak angat2 taik ayam yer. hehe.. semangat !!!